Online resource featuring a calendar of events, message boards, feature articles, reviews, interviews and imagery.


Qbox.org will function as an online community center for California and the world, focused on the creation, presentation, discussion and preservation of mechanical, kinetic and electronic art. The site will contain a calendar of all upcoming QBOX events with in-depth information about the art and the artists. There will be a message board open to everyone to announce other events, classes, forums, calls for artwork, and other related information.

Every month the site will be updated to include images, articles and reviews of recent QBOX events, as well as links to articles and artists interviews focused on mechanical, kinetic and electronic art.


The site will offer us a place to delve deeper into artists' messages, promote our upcoming shows, and connect the community of artists, educators and community members that we serve. The site will feature:
  • Calendar of QBOX events
  • In-depth information on artists
  • An open forum focused on issues relating to mechanical, kinetic and electronic art
  • Links to articles and interviews
Roles and Participants

The site will be managed by QBOX staff, hosted by Dean Godett, designed by Sébastien Rouet and maintained by a small army of volunteers, with additional information being contributed by other Bay Area organizations.


The web site will offer our audience a deeper, richer and more educational experience by providing a great deal of information about the artists we present and about their work prior to seeing our shows. It will also help us expand and diversify the audience that comes to these events. The site will also provide artists and educators with a place to learn more about the opportunities available in the mechanical, kinetic and electronic art community.

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