Development of a multi-use art space with a gallery, a theater, artist studios, a shop and a self-sustaining administrative infrastructure.


The facility is the key to creating a viable, self-supporting organization that will be able to grow and develop its programs for years to come. Our facility will become the cornerstone of our organization. The majority of our programs will take place within its walls.

QBOX is in the process of raising funds for the move-in costs associated with leasing a building. We are also seeking funds to affect the improvements required to transform that building into the fully-functioning multi-use facility necessary to house our wide variety of programs. It is anticipated that a portion of this funding will come from individual donations, but that the bulk of it will need to be attained in the form of grants.

Once the funds have been secured, we will locate and lease a building which is of sufficient size and structure to meet our general needs, and we will then go about modifying it to meet the very specific needs of our programs – building out the studios, the shop, the gallery, the performance space and the administrative offices, and outfitting these areas with all the necessary accoutrements.


To find a permanent home for QBOX and all of its programs, we need to:
  • Secure the funding necessary to move in
  • Find and lease a building
  • Perform improvements to the space to bring it in line with the needs of our programs
  • Find artists to rent the studios and the shop
  • Continue to develop our programming for performances, seminars, and gallery showings
Roles and Participants

After securing the necessary funding with the assistance of a professional grant-writer, QBOX staff will find and lease the building, and will then perform all the necessary space improvements with the help of numerous skilled and unskilled volunteers.


This facility will create hundreds of opportunities for artists to earn money, increase the quality of their art and enjoy heightened exposure, and will enrich the cultural landscape of our city. It will show the world that San Francisco is indeed the center of the global mechanical, kinetic and electronic art community, and that the city is striving to recover from the near execution of its arts community that occurred so recently and so prominently in national headlines.

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