Short-term use of performance and gallery space by artists and outside organizations.


The space rental program at QBOX will allow artists to develop and create large works of art that could otherwise never be created due to space constraints in the average art studio. It will also allow outside organizations to utilize our facility for very little money. Rental space may be used for large-scale art production, classes, meetings, workshops, and rehearsals. QBOX provides affordable space rental for all these uses, as well as for photo and film shoots and other artistic purposes.

The space rental program is generally intended for use by groups conducting activities with less than 49 participants, which are not open to the public and are not charging admission.


Providing low cost space rental for:
  • The creation of art
  • Meetings and classes
  • Rehearsal space
Roles and Participants

QBOX staff will manage the space rental program. Space rental will allow a large number of people from outside the organization to utilize our unique space.


Space rental will allow more people access to our building, providing the community around us with a place to meet and work in an attractive, professional environment with only a small investment and no long-term commitment.

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