Film and video presentations highlighting the work of local artists.


There is an incredible amount of art being created by artists living in the Bay Area, and there is just no way that everyone can see all of it when it is actually happening. There is also art being created in other countries that we just plain miss. QBOX will be hosting a series of evenings dedicated to showing documentary films that highlight the work of artists creating mechanical, kinetic and electronic art. This type of documentary has a hard time finding space in film festivals and even art theaters; it is difficult and expensive to find and build and audience for this type of film. Here at QBOX we have the audience ready and waiting.

Screenings will also include avant-garde indie films that have a focus either on mechanical, kinetic and electronic art or on the Bay Area itself. These will be free and/or inexpensive evenings used to build a sense of community within the neighborhood of our new facility and the artists we serve.


Screenings will include:
  • Films
  • Video
  • Slides
Roles and Participants

Most of the pieces we screen will be hand-picked by QBOX staff, though we will encourage like-minded organizations to recommend artists and documentaries. The artists will receive a substantial portion of the proceeds from these screenings.


Audience members will be able to see/experience a wider range of artistic experiences than they would without this program. Artists will be encouraged to produce documentaries with the understanding that there will be a place to show them and sell them. This will lead to better documentation of the art created in San Francisco and a wider audience that is able to enjoy it.

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