Lectures and discussions focused on contemporary art and artists working with technology.


These seminars are a great way to learn how these cool things work, who made them, and why. They focus on the artists talking about their work and the men and women who help bring their projects to life. It takes a lot of time and an incredible amount of technical skill to realize most of these projects. There are many people who work behind the scenes to make them happen: electrical engineers, computer scientists, machinists, fabricators, scientists and others. These seminars allow all of them to come forward and tell their stories.

Some of our seminars focus on curators, engineers and scientists speaking about the future possibilities of art, while others focus on our own community speaking about how we can (and why we need to) incorporate this type of art into our lives and our community.


Seminars take place in series ranging from 2-10 evenings per series, each focused on a single topic or idea. The types of seminars include:
  • Lecture/demonstrations (artists, engineers, curators, etc.)
  • Panel discussions (artists, mixed groups, community)
  • Studio tour/lectures (given by artists in their studios)
Roles and Participants

QBOX seminars are curated by QBOX staff, but are often augmented by outside organizations such as YLEM, Rhizome, and others.


These seminars provide an in-depth look at the art and the artists working in the Bay Area. Rarely are people given the opportunity hear from the artists the whys and hows of their work. Artists and the audience alike are given the chance to investigate and understand the complexity and desired meaning of the complicated contemporary art being created around them.

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