Cost-effective studio space for individual and collaborative artistic use.


The studio space will be a critical aspect of the QBOX facility. Only by having a space where art is being made by working artists can QBOX become the unique venue/art space/organization it hopes to become.

By providing cost-effective studio space, and bringing a number of actively-creating artists together under one roof, we will be encouraging these artists to collaborate and to share their resources. They will be able to lift each other up through the vast knowledge-base of the group. These resident artists will also be given the opportunity to display their art in the gallery and at large events, giving them greater access to potential patrons. QBOX will also offer up its non-profit status, allowing these artists to reach out and find funding for their projects.


This program involves:
  • Renting out small studios
  • Renting out large studios
  • Making available a collaborative shop space and a large communal work space
  • Providing high speed internet access in all the studios
Roles and Participants

QBOX staff will maintain the studios, find tenants, and work with the tenants to facilitate collaborative opportunities. The tenants will be professional local artists working in mechanical, kinetic and electronic art.


This unique space will provide artists with low cost and stable studio space for the creation of professional-grade art. Creating a studio space focused on mechanical, kinetic and electronic art, we will be able to provide artists with access to tools and knowledge that will greatly increase the quality of their work. These artists will be afforded the unique opportunity to interact with hundreds of other artists working in similar fields who are performing, teaching and exhibiting in the QBOX facility. They will also have the opportunity to meet and interact with thousands of art patrons who are interested in the type of art they create, facilitating hundreds of opportunities to advance their artistic careers. QBOX will constantly highlight the artwork created in the building.

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