Providing access to professional equipment, tools and other resources.


A communal workspace inside the QBOX facility, the shop will be organized and equipped by the artists working in the space. It will be mostly focused on metal work, though our goal is to be able to make anything imaginable out of metal, wood and plastic, by sharing our resources, knowledge and skills, and by encouraging everyone to do the impossible.

The shop will also contribute to the Development of QBOX by making use of the collaborative skills of artisans, artists and architects to explore group projects, teach classes in metal arts, and offer our facilities to the public and to all the artists utilizing the space.


The shop will facilitate the creation of art and support the infrastructure of QBOX. It will offer:
  • Metal, wood and plastic fabrication
  • Classes
  • Creation of and support of QBOX facility and programs
Roles and Participants

Artists who pay rent on the shop will run the shop collectively. It will be made available at a reduced cost (or in exchange for equipment and services) to artists renting the individual studios.


The need for metal, wood and plastic fabrication facilities in the San Francisco is very high. There are very few places here in the city where artists and the public can gain access to the tools and the knowledge necessary to create professional-grade art. Having a focused shop available to the artists presented by QBOX and those who rent space in our facility will increase the quality and quantity of art they are able to produce.

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