Individual and group exhibitions with accompanying workshops.


The Gallery, a multi-purpose space located within the QBOX facility, is designed to give opportunity and exposure to emerging and professional Bay Area artists through individual shows, group exhibitions, collaborative explorations, and workshops. The gallery will be used in conjunction with the performance and seminar events hosted by QBOX. The space will also be made available to other Bay Area organizations working with mechanical, kinetic and electronic art.


The presentation of mechanical, kinetic and electronic art in a professional gallery environment. Specific uses of the space will include:
  • Exhibition space to augment seminar and performance events
  • Monthly gallery shows with accompanying opening night
  • Workshops
Roles and Participants

QBOX staff will curate the Gallery. The gallery will be available to artists participating in QBOX sponsored events. The gallery will also be rented out to other Bay Area art organizations that do not have access to a gallery space of their own.


The gallery will be the front door of QBOX. It will set the tone for visitors' experience upon entering the space. Gallery spaces focused on mechanical, kinetic and electronic art are few and far between, and this gallery will fill a much needed gap in San Francisco, highlighting the work that is defining our city and our lives.

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