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Holy Crap! We went to Amsterdam!

We were far away, but we have PICTURES!
Here's what we went to:


Here are some gorgeous glowing pictures from various Flaming Lotii:

John DeVenezia

Jonathan Foote


Suzun Hughes



PRESS sites

We consider ourselves honored and incredibly lucky to have been allowed to participate. Qbox, The Seemen and The Flaming Lotus Girls would like to thank everybody at Robodock and in the States who had anything to do with anything about getting us there and back.

In Other News:

We Are building a garden out of a toxic waste site!

WE think it's a good idea. . .
Come see what it might look like.

Email Jennalex for more details.
Studios     The Box Shop has table space, shop space, storage space, and studio space, all in one happy location!
Email Tony for details, or call (415) 642-SHOP.
Shop     Our shop is equipped with a variety of welders, metal benders, areas to hoist your heavy sculpture, comfy counches for taking a break, and all the electricity you could want (within reason),
See Tony The Shop Steward for details.
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Books, kits, other stuff for kinetic fun and mechatronic excitement

Interactive? We'll give you interactive. . .  

We're Broke.

Mission Statement
QBOX supports the creation, presentation, discussion and preservation of mechanical, kinetic and electronic art in the Bay Area. We provide emerging and established artists with a much-needed local forum for their ideas and their art. Our programs help subsidize the creation of local art by sharing a substantial portion of our proceeds with the artists whose work we present. We create an artistic environment that encourages cross-cultural, cross-generational, collaborative interaction between art organizations, artists and audience members alike.
Additonal Revelations and Sundry Background Information

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Was it good for you too?

Well, we got through the whole shebang, gave the very friendly member of San Francisco's Finest a t-shirt for her visit, ironed some hot dogs, and managed not to set the track on fire too much until we were actually done with it. Yay Us.

And yay you, for showing up, and Yay for the competitors, for competiting and contributing to Judge Dave's nicotine-and-beer habit, to the winners, who stuck it out til the bitter, bitter, bitter end, to the performers, for making the wait for Jim to finish his machines almost bearable, and to all the crew who variously worked the door, kept small children out of harm's way, bossed people around, sent notes to the announcers, maintained the competiton trees, provided beer, sold t shirts, and kept the races going. We are astounded that all of you came out of the woodwork to help out.


When Jim and Charlie regain consciousness, they will thank you too.

I, however, am never, ever, ever ever EVER doing this again.

Next year's going to be SO much cooler...

We Gotcher pictures RIGHT HERE!

Courtesy Stacey Irvine

Courtesy Mr. Steve

Courtesy Miz Poon

Courtesy Mike Kuniavsky

Courtesy Rick Washburn

Courtesy Alexander Rose

Courtesy Dawn Taffler

Courtesy Amacker Bullwinkle

Courtesy Peef

Courtesy Team KISS

Courtesy Bob Pitzer

Courtesy John DeVenezia


"On behalf of the whole crew I'd like to thank all of those involved with Power Tool Drag Racing for their assistance to us over the past eight weeks. Whether a contestant or working with the event, thank you for allowing us to work around and at times over you. It's not easy having cameras in your home, work-space or when you competed over the weekend, so we appreciate you giving us that access. Without you and your amazing creations we wouldn?t have a series. Some of the crew begin returning to New Zealand on Tuesday. Editing begins on episode one in early July, with the four-part series scheduled for completion January 2005. We'll be working closely with Jim and Charlie, so they'll be able to keep you updated. At this stage Discovery will wait till they have seen the cut of episode one, before scheduling the series for transmission."

Awww. . .it's a Machine Shop!!!
Part The Second: Pictures!

We had a lovely time at our open house,
nonworking catastrophes and giggling roboticists notwithstanding.
Thanks to those who ventured out.

All Pictures Courtesy Scott Beale

Ladies and Gentlemen, for two nights and two nights only!
Prior to their debut at Burning Man's Flambe Lounge,
Just back from thier world tour of China, the Orient and Destinations Occidental,
All The Way from Tuscon, Arizona, The Land of Fire,


QBOX Spares No Trifle for this Once-In-A-Lifetime Terpsichorean Delight! A Fit Spectacle for All The Ages! Can't bring your children to the Playa? Bring Them Here!

Thursday, June 26th and Friday, June 27th
At The Hour of Nine PM or Whenever Darkness Falls.
Warm Water Cove Beach,
at the Terminus of 24th Street off of 3rd Street
In Beautiful San Francisco!
A paltry $10-20 dollar sliding scale donation is all it takes to attend!
Children Under Lucky 13 Years of Age Admitted at No Charge!
Support The Arts!

FLAM CHEN, the Tuscon Arizona-based Fire Circus, will make their Bay Area Debut at The Never-Before-Explored Warm Water Cove Beach, a unique locale fraught on three sides with pounding seas and gentle bay breezes. From the mouth of Flam Chen themselves:

"Flam Chen creates unique panoramas of spectacle and narrative- Performers spin balinese fire chains, combat with fire staffs and flaming swords, dance with fire fingers and fire fans, eat and breathe flames, and light costume pieces, sculptures and very often the set itself ablaze during the course of the evening."

Surely to be a spectacular among spectaculars, Flam Chen will present a stunning rendition of their classical outdoor Show, Ling Ling, before a teeming audience of amazed and enchanted men, women and children!

Warm Water Cove Beach is located at the Terminus of 24th street, just off of third. Bring a picnic and watch the sun go down, then Be Amazed as this lively venue provides a shining example of the phenomenon of Live Entertainment!

For more information on Flam Chen and Qbox, please call Simone, Gal Friday at (415) 307-3482.
Power Tool Drag Races: Afterburn!
Sunday Sunday Sunday June 8th, at the illustrious
Odeon Bar
3223 Mission Street
San Francisco
7pm til whenever
Featuring the Chris Karney Show!

This was fun, you should have been there.
Make-your-own rubber band dragsters, no trophies, no cash prizes, no sunshine, but beer. Lots and Lots of beer.

WE SAW video of the races!!!
WE BROUGHT Your Own Videos and Showed Them through the Miracle of Modern Technology!!!
WE VIEWED the Evening Magazine Segment that was ALL ABOUT POWER TOOL RACING!
WE STOOD AMAZED as Jim Mason and his Edsel posed and preened in Front Of The BAR!!! He Got the thing running!
STRUTTING winners!!!!
EXCUSES from Losers!!!

Exhibit your dragsters, show off your photos, compare specs over a nice pear cider,
tell 'em how you woulda made it if you only hadda chance,
lodge a complaint against Chicken John for that incident with your sister!
The Power Tool Drag Races: Yowza!

Image courtesy Rick Washburn

Yes, kids, the Power Tool Races Were fabulous, leaving Ace International Speedway gently covered in the half chewed remains of popcorn, cans crushed upon the pates of lively racing folk, and thousands and thousands of those little sno-cone holders, their erstwhile delights melted away as are all but the memories of this great, wonderous event.

Thanks to Bill The Junkman, our Race Organizers, our Announcers, our Racers, our Spectators, our Fearless Junkyard Cleaners, our Jack Booted Thugs, our Cheerleaders, and all the people who made the event possible, we could not have done it without each and every single one of you (well, maybe you, over there, in the back). It was a grand undertaking and we will see you next year!

We Have Media!

We Have Photos!

Images from
Rick Washburn
Scott Beale
Sam Coniglio
James Home

If you were at the event and have photos or video that we may post, let us know.
The Robotics Society of America Annual Robot Games and Expo
Sunday, December 15th
Fort Mason Building C
Door price: $5 Adults, Kids free

The Robotics Society of America is a non-profit robotics enthusiasts' group dedicated to making the mechanical arts and sciences accessible to people of all ages, intelligences and enthsiasms.

The Robot Games is the club's biannual festival. Qbox will have a presence there, as well as will NASA, builders from Battlebots (tm), and The Seemen. There will be antweight robotic combat, sumo robot competitions, and multiple other opportunities to which you can subject your blisteringly time- and expense- consuming little stainless steel bundle of joy to abject humiliation and destruction, all complete with smarmy game show host.

There will also be many beautifully configured artistic masses of metal which will show off their abilities. Some will occasionally allow you to press their buttons, even.

For more information and a complete list of activities and events, see www.robotics-society.org

photo by jillian northrup

Steven Jian's TrikeBot

San Francisco
International Mechanical, Kinetic & Electronic Arts Festival

A series of events throughout the Bay Area bringing together divergent orginizations working to support the performing arts, art and technology, youth arts, mechanical, kinetic, electronic art and more.

Art that Moves
This will be the first show in the festival, a month long gallery exhibition focused on Mechanical, Kinetic and Electronic Art. The show will host over 10 artists all working in the Bay Area creating the groundbreaking art that has been defining San Francisco on the world art markets. The show will be held at the Crucible Steel Gallery at CELLspace and will be open to the public for free for the entire month of October

Show runs October 9th – 30th
Gallery Hours: 10am – 10pm everyday
Opening night: Friday October 11th 6 pm – 10 pm
The cost is Free, donations accepted

Artists: Rania Ho, Jesse Jackson, Frank Garvey and OmniCircus, Donna Keiko Ozawa, Shirley Shor, Jonathan Foote, Kal Spelletich, Kimberlee Koym, Steve Lambert, Tom McCall, Alex Killough and Will Eccleston More Info...

Event Poster

Art That Moves II
Hosted by QBOX, as part of the first annual San Francisco Mechanical, Kinetic and Electronic Arts Festival.

Art That Moves II
CELL Space October 26th
Door price: FREE! Donations Graciously Accepted
Doors open: 6 pm
Show ends: 10 pm

"Art That Moves II" will be the second show in the festival. Coming at the end of October to complement our previous show "Art That Moves", "Art That Moves II" will feature performances by the EroShambo Erotic Robot Cabaret, about which much has been and can be said. In their own words, "WARNING- THIS IS NOT A SIMULATION!!! You'll never look your vacuum cleaner in the face again!!" They can be found at http://www.omnicircus.com.

In addition to the artists already showing, there will be an enticing assemblage of other artists in the machine medium from all over the Bay Area. Rania Ho, Jesse Jackson, Frank Garvey, Donna Keiko Ozawa, Shirley Shor, Jonathan Foote, Kal Spelletich, Kimberlee Koym, Steve Lambert, Tom McCall, Alex Killough Will Eccleston, Jojo LaPlume and David Morely are but a small sample of the artists that tickle, shock, annoy, illuminate and engage through the charming and sometimes disturbing interactivity of their art.

A Mechanical Symphony
Burning man 02
At XenoDrome
June, 7th & 8th 2002
Timothy North / HoverDrum & DJ Vordo: TRAP KIT
Hover Drum
Sauce of the Future

Also showing:
Destroy APE Technology
and Terry Jr.

photo by dj hartbeat
Awakening of the Catatonic
At CELLspace
Thursday May 23th, 2002
Art by: La Chupa Cabras' and others
DJ thirteen
Event Poster
The Shipyard Power Tool AfterBurn Club
The Odeon Bar
Sunday May 12th, 2002
Power Tool Race video
The SRL Berkeley Video
The noise of Art video
make your own rubber band drag racer and races
Art in a Browser and Other Electronic Oddities

The QBOX launch of Rhizome.SF
April 26th and 27th, 2002
at Spanganga
Event Poster
MORE details on the Event
Powertool Drag Races
A Bennifit for the Shipyard
Event Poster

April 21st, 2002
IMAGES from Catweasel
IMAGES from Otmar Ebenhoech
IMAGES from Dan's Album
IMAGES from Rick Washburn
IMAGES from Carl Heiney
IMAGES from Chum Frink
IMAGES from Christopher Carfi
PRESS from Night Crawler SF Weekly
Technomania Circus
At CELLspace
Event Poster
March 29 and 30th, 2002
Raise The Frequency-The Muse-

The DNA Lounge
March 23, 2002
The Noise of Art
The Shipyard
February 23, 2002
Survival Research Labs
The Shipyard
December 15, 2001
"A Mechanical Cabaret"
Oct. 13th 2001
Click Here for Event Poster
Charlie Gadeken , a short introduction and video presentation.
Larnie Fox , sculptural installation herding small walkers.
John Arns, solo performer , sound-scapes.
Greg Leyh , Video presentation and talk.
The Flaming Lotus Girls , turn it on stand back.
Estradasphere , wild wonderful music.
Kal Spelletich of the SEEMEN , interactive machines
Dan Das Mann , Live Art performance Dueling Plasma torches
Aaron Wolf Baum AKA DR. Friendly, Living sound/visual
Brain Garden , 56 min. musical visual extravaganza
"State of Art and Technology in SF"
Friday Oct. 20th 2000
Christine Murray, Antenna theater Performance and environmental theater
Kal Spelletich, the SEEMEN Interactive Machine, robot and extreme technology inventor
DR. Aaron Wolf Baum Ph.D. Living Sound
Attaboy and Burke, Spoken word with music
John Arns Avant-garde, meta-ambient sonic structures.
Simran Singh Gleason, live ambient sound environments, live loops and tablas
Panel discussion hosted by John Law
Plus special guest and instalations

Saturday June 24th 2000 2000
SEEMEN create situations where audiences are encouraged to Interact and operate their machines and robots. You get to run a machine that can kill you.
Event Poster
Scot Jenerik
Saturday January 29, 2000
Scot Jenerick Robotics Sound Art
Mr. Jenerik is a conceptual artist who primarily works with the mediums of
sound, performance, instrument building and sculptural packaging.
Pamela Z
Dance Sound Performance
Saturday Oct. 23rd, 1999

image marion gray
Pamela Z is a composer, performance artist, musian, extended vocalist, audio artist, and sound designer and more.
Matt Heckert
Saturday Sep. 25th, 1999
Matt HeckertRobotics Sound Art
Machines, sound art, Mechanical Sound Orchestra
Event Poster
Saturday Aug. 14th, 1999
OmniCircus Robotics Sculpture
A beginning of a world fusion theater, dance and music, the culmination of whiche
is an epic, reality-based, robotically synthesized musical drama, a Theatre Concrete.
The Seemen
Saturday July 31st, 1999
The Seemen Robotics Sculpture
Interactive Robotics Sculpture
a collaborative of some forty odd art drop outs and extreme technology inventors who enjoy exploring their taste for the dark side of applied engineering in robot/kinetic art. Event Poster
Sound Sculptures
Saturday June 26th, 1999
Nux Vomica Robotics Sculpture
An evening of Industrial Sound Sculpture
A perfect composition can not occur without any single note having to end at
a space in time. The completion, not denying existence, only relinquishing chance.
Aaron Wolf Baum Living Sound Sculpture
Aarons work will also be featured in the Gallery.
Perception Delivery Systems
Saturday May 22nd, 1999
Carol Fabert Emotional Machines
"Low Tec" contraptions forcing the machine into Emotional Intuitive Realm.
Barbra Lee Bytes of Art
Intelligent Instalations.
Amy Franceschini Stimuli for Wonder
Amorphic Robot Works
Saturday evening May 14th, 1999
SFSU campus noon to 4 pm Saturday May 14th, 1999
Chico MacMurtrie Recent sculptures by Chico MacMurtrie
Video of past work, plus 30 Robotic Scuptures by his students at San Francisco State.
EIU Experimental Interaction Unit
Saturday April 24, 1999
Eric Paulos Personal Tactical Tecnology of Imminent Human-Machine Interface

The IBomb
Saturday March 27th, 1999
PeopleHater Videos and Machines
Video montage from there past three shows.
Machines, machines, machines! installed inside and out.
SRL Survival Research Laboratories
Saturday February 27th, 1999
Survival Research Laboratories Video Premieres
Video Premieres of "Crime Wave" show, "Wired Party" show, SRL Holloween
Trick and an assortment of SRL on TV clips 1979 to 1998.

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