Flame effects class Presented by Dave X
Dec 6th 2003 from 10:00am-4: 00pm.

The cost of this class is $40 for the day and we will be taking reservations at flameeffectsclass@hotmail.com.

Well here it is the class that you have all been waiting for. We will be holding a 2 day seminar on flame effects on Saturday Dec 6th 2003 from 10:00am-4: 00pm. We will have Eric Smith from the state of Nevada Board for the Regulation of Liquefied Petroleum Gas speaking, answering Q's and demonstrating such items as: Propane Properties, Pipe and fittings, Hose and fittings, Safe distance, NFPA 58. The correct types and uses of fire extinguishers, High volume techniques, Parts and fittings suppliers
We will also take a look at how to put together an emergency and safety plan for events as well as other permitting issues. We will examine the NFPA's document #160 the use of flame effects before a live audience and how this affects us. Information about further training will also be on hand. So it will not be all work and no play we plan on demonstrating some devices at the close of class.
So if you have ever been interested in fire arts this is the class for you. Not only will we have experts in the field on hand but this is also a great time to meet and talk shop with other fire artists.
Please let us know if you are planing on attending the class so we can make the proper seating arrangements. We are also putting together a resource guide so if you know of a suppler, shop, or venue, that is friendly or helpful to fire artists let me know at flameeffectsclass@hotmail.com and I will put it on the list.

Mechanical / Kinetic Art classes taught at the Boxshop by Kal Speltec
For more information and pre-registration on this class email to info@qbox.org

This class will teach students concrete skills and concepts related to contemporary robotics/electronics/technology/metal fabrication and welding. This course will start to prepare students for an interdisciplinary future as art, technology and robotic artists.
We will survey, research and examine robotic and kinetic art and the interdisciplinary issues/questions the art and/or the artists raise. Through class presentations, group and individual projects, studio visits, and students will have the opportunity to explore and experiment with kinetic art and to develop further their research skills, and to enhance their creativity.
Students will: -design and create kinetic art and robots -research the medium and present research, -gain basic electrical, metal and wood fabrication techniques -learn how to make the inanimate stuff come alive, move, become machines, robots.

QBOX classes are fun and educational, focused on the creation of art. Each class will provide insight into the demands involved in creating mechanical, kinetic and electronic art. Class topics will range from circuit boards and LEDs to the creation of interactive mechanical sculpture.

Our goal is to develop ongoing relationships with a variety of organizations that can make use of our unique space and our valuable resources to develop and teach classes that support our mission.


Classes will be focused on the creation of art and will be open to everyone – artists, non-artists, adults and children. They will include:
  • Workshops
  • Skill-building
  • Project completion
Roles and Participants

QBOX will host and promote classes which are brought in and taught by outside organizations. We will seek out organizations which conduct classes taught by working artist, teachers, and sometimes by those who simply have a knack for making things. All the classes will be open to youth and adults.


These classes will help to make art and technology more fun, demystify it, and provide interesting ways to bring the young and the old together while making the toys of the future.

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