Mechanical Musing: Our Authors
Maribeth Back
Maribeth Back is a former researcher at Xerox PARC and MIT. Her interests include ubiquitous computing, embedded systems, augmented reality, and audio and dynamics for high-end simulation systems.

David Calkins
David Calkins is the president of the Robotics Society of America

Casondra Sobieralski
Ms. Soberialski attended the opening of "Art That Moves" on Friday, October 26th 2002 night and enjoyed the show tremendously.  She is currently a graduate student in Conceptual and Information Arts at SF State."

Peter Rothman
Peter Rothman is a member of the QBox board of Advisors. He has done several headsplittingly technical things over his lifetime.

This section is dedicated to writings, half-formed ideas, and contemplations on the technological arts.

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