Peter Rothman

Kinetic Content: Peter Rothman
Can Interaction Be Art?

When we think of art traditionally we think of some sort of visual, auditory, or tactile, presentation like a sculpture, painting, or installation, which is created by an artist for our consumption and enjoyment.  But machine art and interactive art more generally questions the notion of passively consuming art.

The Dadaists questioned the true nature of art and saw the cultural basis for aesthetic choices.  Warhol questioned the means of production of art and the role of the artist as uniquely identifiable creator.  Machine and interactive art takes this one step further bringing the audience into the creative process as co-authors, co-creators, and co-conspirators.   The art that results is magical, ephemeral, and totally of the moment.  It can never be captured, recorded, or recreated, and therefore it resists commodification.   But yes it is art.

Is your idea of a perfect date dinner and a night of experimenting esoterically with electricity? Do you go to art show openings that involve hazardous chemical storage and signing of a waiver? is AutoCAD your second language?

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