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QBOX was founded by Charles Gadeken in 1998 as BurningART Presents. From 1998 through 2001, we produced over two dozen live events, several full-length documentaries, and a number of short programs which were broadcast both on local television and on the Web. Our events have featured prominent figures in the local art community, received many favorable reviews, established a solid patron base, and generated substantial income for Bay Area artists.

In December 2001, recognizing the community's growing need for performance space, as well as the need for broader promotion of mechanical, kinetic and electronic art, we took steps to increase our capacity to fulfill these needs. We officially attained non-profit status via fiscal sponsorship from SomARTS, changed our name to QBOX, and developed plans for expanded operations - including regularly scheduled year-round programming, an annual festival, a dedicated staff, and our own community arts facility.

In its first few months, QBOX had already produced an SRL show, and lined up artists and venues for events spanning half a year. We are still going strong. Join us!

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Qbox Board of Advisors

Charles A. Gadeken
Founder and Artistic Director QBOX: producing over 30 events relating to art and technology. Charlie founded the Illumination Project in 1996; which has created some of the world¹s largest paintings and kinetic sculptures. Over the past five years he has created and destroyed over 500,000-sq. ft. of printed canvas. A Caretaker of CELLspace from 1998-2002 where he participated in the development Of the gallery, the events program facilitating around 125 events a year and developed the computer network, including the cellspace.org website, free public web kiosk, a Digital Video editing studio and a monthly public access TV show.

Todd Blair
Currently working with Ansel Associates, Inc., curating the art and exhibition for Phaeno, a new science center being built in Wolfsburg Germany. For the last four years, teaching a course at the California College of Arts and Crafts about kinetic art. Work also includes planning, organizing and fabricating kinetic artwork and performances.

Craig Newmark
Craig's List
Craig is a hardcore Java and Web programmer who grew up wearing a plastic pocket protector and thick black glasses, taped together, the full nerd cliche. He has become a leader in online community by virtue of running www.craigslist.org for over six years. He's compiled extensive experience evangelizing, leading and building, including work at Bank of America and Charles Schwab. In 1995, he started craigslist, which serves as a non-commercial community bulletin board with classifieds and discussion forums. Using a common sense, down-to-earth approach, craigslist strives to make the 'net more personal and authentic, while advocating social responsibility through the promotion of small, non-profit organizations. Craig's community activities include being on the advisory boards of Climate Theatre and Haight-Ashbury Food Program as well as supporting local writers through Grotto Nights. Craig has been featured in the Associated Press, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Business Week, Time Magazine, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Lorelle Posten
Broad Band Mechanics
Chairman and CEO - Broadband Mechanics, Inc. Broadband Mechanics, Inc In 1984, Marc Canter founded Macro Mind; the company that went on to become Macromedia. Because of his role in inventing Director--the world's first multimedia authoring tool and enduring market leader--Marc is widely recognized as one of the "fathers" of multimedia. Marc helped develop and deploy the Choice Seat system for Super Bowl XXXII. This closed-net interactive system of 600 built-in, flat-panel, touch-screen displays enabled stadium attendees to switch between real-time camera feeds, watch replays from multiple angles, view game statistics, shop for souvenirs, play computer games and access the rules of the game. Late in the year, Marc was instrumental in building a prototype of a digital city for Trieste, Italy. Designed to take advantage of high-speed ADSL technology, this ambitious and multi-faceted project included the development over 25 unique, multi-level, personalizable user interfaces for a variety of applications and services, including shopping emporiums, videophone and video-mail services, news and community portals, music and video jukeboxes, restaurant ordering systems, multi-player gaming, interactive advertising and promotions, and more. Over the years Marc has also traveled all over the world, consulting to global corporations (Sony, JVC, Fujitsu, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, Apple and many others) and delivering lectures, speeches and seminars about the multimedia industry.

Mike Kuniavsky
Founding Partner Adaptive Path, which is a company that has very little to do with electronic art, and I'm also an artist, which is done outside of any corporate affiliation. Educated in Film/Video and Computer Science at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Mike has been working in technology and art for 15 years, when he wasn't working for various dot.com companies. He is part of the bianca.org collective and has worked with Jim Mason and Alexander Rose on several large scale mechanical/pyrotechnic art projects for Burning Man. His recent solo work includes "bi-coastal," an audio CD of mixed ocean sounds and "Tired", an ongoing social experiment centered around tired.com. He is a partner in Adaptive Path LLC, a user experience consulting firm.

Marybeth Back MBB
Maribeth Back designs, builds, and writes about multisensory interfaces and environments. She is especially interested in the integration of visual, sonic and haptic elements in the design of wireless, networked tools and environments. Recent projects include building and experimenting with new types of reading devices as well as designing innovative interfaces for wireless systems in everyday activity. Her background in design and systems engineering includes prototyping innovative musical instruments; sound designing and engineering for live theatre, radio, museums and CD-ROM; theory and audio system design for virtual and computational environments; design for advanced medical research systems; and public interactive installations, both solo and collaborative. She is a nominating judge for the Webby Awards and is on the advisory boards for Qbox and for ZeroOne, both non-profit arts organizations in the Bay Area. Back completed her doctorate at Harvard's Graduate School of Design in May 1996. At Xerox PARC (1996 - 2002) she worked with the RED group exploring emerging technologies for new media and embedded systems.

Peter Rothmann
Currently I am CEO & founder of Love Bomb, which is developing technologies and interactive experiences for the nightclub industry. Previously I was CTO of Live365.com the worlds largest streaming audio broadcaster, and the latest target for destruction by the recording industry. Prior to that I worked with designer and graphics guru Kai Krause at Meta Creations Corporation (formerly Meta Tools) which I joined after selling them my company DIVE Labs in 1996. DIVE Labs was founded in 1992 and was one of the earliest developers of virtual reality applications including the first commercially available financial visualization system on Windows, location based entertainment (arcade games), virtual reality software tools, and military simulators. Before that I worked in the aerospace industry developing embedded real-time software and I wrote video games for the Commodore 64. I have an MS in Computer Engineering, a BS, in mathematics, and I am currently studying architecture at UCB Extension. I have two kids, two cats, a wife, and lots of records.

John Law
Owner: Central Services LLCCO, Owner: Laughing Squid LLC.
Law has been involved in Bay Area Mythic Ephemera for 26 years.

Kal Spelletich
The Seemen
I build machines and robots that I allow my audience to operate. My art is a mix of robots, machines, kinetic sculpture, computers, technological interfaces, science, inventions, psychology, audience interaction and storytelling. The main collaborators are the audience. I am not trying to humble volunteers with technology, but rather empower them by putting the machines in their hands. I am only interested in giving the audience a real life experience, not a passive one, nothing virtual here. I am interested in building machines that work therapeutically, scientifically and as a form of play .

Christina Harbridge
President Bridgeport Financial, Inc.

Len Lippman has been working in the production of various media‹film, video, theater, special events, web, and interactive‹since 1990, for clients including Apple, Capital One, Circuit City, Microsoft, Miller Brewing Company, Novell, Oracle, Sun, TRW, Unocal, Visa, Warner Brothers, and a long list of smaller companies. A number of start-up ventures have also benefited from Len¹s strategic and tactical expertise, and he has collaborated with several top-tier advertising agencies to assist them in providing their clients with quality online production services. Since 1997 Len has focused primarily on digital media‹developing numerous web sites, web-based applications, online advertising materials, instructional pieces, and interactive demos. He has filled roles as diverse as business consultant, information and functional architect, content strategist, senior editor, copywriter, project manager and quality assurance specialist, right down to hands-on web production technician. In 1999 Len co-founded Tomorrow Farm, a full-service digital media development firm, where he acted as Managing Partner and Director of Production. Len graduated from the University of Southern California with a B.A. in Cinema/Television Production. He also completed a number of writing courses in the Extension program at the University of California Los Angeles.

Jim Mason

Scott Beale
Laughing Squid
Primary tentacle Laughing Squid
Scott Beale is the primary tentacle of Laughing Squid, an online resource for art and culture in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is also home to The Squid List, an email-based event list. To pay the bills, he runs Laughing Squid Web Hosting, an independent web host that specializes in hosting for artists, non-profits and small organizations. Scott is occasionally involved with video documentation of the local arts scene and in a previous life he was the webmaster for Burning Man. For fun, he turns off his computer and attempts to interact with humans in person.

Steve Wilson
Infomation Arts
Professor, conceptual/information arts, San Francisco state university Stephen Wilson is a San Francisco author, artist and professor who explores the cultural implications of emerging technologies such as biosensors, GPS, and artificial intelligence. His award winning interactive installations & performances have been shown internationally in galleries and SIGGRAPH, CHI, NCGA, Ars Electronica, and V2 art shows. He has published numerous articles and books including the latest" Information Arts: Intersections of Art, Science and Technology" (MIT Press, 2001). He directs the Conceptual/Information Arts Program at San Francisco State University, which prepares artists to work at the frontiers of research.

Karen Marcelo
Teleobliteration Engineer
Survival Research Labs
Karen Marcelo worked with the CSL group at Xerox PARC developing mobile code for simulated ubiquitous computing environments and recombinant computing research. Previous projects she has worked on include a VRML authoring tool, a web-based multi-user 'world' Nerve Garden which received Honorable Mention in the .NET category at Ars Electronica 1998, and a parameterized 3D visualization program (Tetrahedonism) which placed 3rd in the Science and Engineering category of the VRML Excellence Awards in 1997. In her spare time she is Tele-obliteration Engineer for Survival Research Labs, coding Internet telerobotic systems for lethal robots.

Mike Dingle
Events & Scheduling, SomArts,
20+ years in non-profit arts and community orgs in the Bay Area, 15 years with SRL; other affiliations include Golden Gate Friends of Mongolia, Club Foot Orchestra, SF Blues Festival, Blues Fuse International, Potrero Hill Neighborhood House... and the beat goes on.

David Calkins
Robotics Society Of America
David Calkins is the president of the Robotics Society of America, a circuit judge for robotic combat tournaments all over the United States, and a consultant in NASA FIRST, Botball, and Lego League, science and engineering competitions for youth.

Richard Humphrey
Rich Humphrey is a kinetic artist working in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Chicken John
Dammit Industries Chicken John is the front man for a vast and explosive array of entrepreneurial ventures. He has created art pieces for the Burning Man organization, owns San Francisco's only Art Bar, The Odeon and is a showman and swiveling hipster of the first water. He is a used car salesman by nature if not profession, and is managed and maintained by the real operator and CFO of Dammit Industries, Dammit The Amazing Wonderdog.

Mark Pauline
Survival Research Labs Mark Pauline has been a fixture in machine art for over twenty years. SRL have had shows all over the world, including real time web-controlled machine installations. Thier last show was produced by Qbox and held at the Shipyard in October 2001.

Karl Chapek
Karl Chapek coined the term "robot" in his 1921 play R.U.R. (Rossum's Universal Robots).

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