QBOX produces one-of-a-kind artistic events – events that have no other forum in the Bay Area. As we develop new venues and search out exciting artists, art patrons and artists alike are able to witness/experience art rarely seen outside the European festival circuit. QBOX puts on the hard shows, the complicated show, the messy shows, and the intellectually-challenging shows.

QBOX asks more of artists than to just show up and play. We ask a lot of questions prior to the show – like: "What is your art about? What are you trying to communicate? Where do you think your art fits into the larger picture?" Then we share their answers on our Web site, we provide background on the artists to our patrons before they arrive, and we produce a "playbill" that goes "in depth" into what the artists are communicating, so that when people experience these shows, they leave with a much deeper understanding of the art. We often include question-and-answer sessions at our shows, providing a forum for the artists to articulate the intentions behind their work, both for the people at the show and for themselves. We encourage collaboration between artists and professionals working in technology and other non-art-related fields.

QBOX shows provide new insight into art through supporting documentation and through interesting and unexpected combinations of artists performing in the same evening. Forced to interact, rather than sitting passively while hoping to be entertained, the audience becomes actively engaged in an enjoyable learning experience.


We actively search out women and people of color to participate in our programs. Most of our shows are open to all age groups, allowing families to experience art together. We often create special youth-oriented performances and youth opportunities in event production. Our performance events include:
  • Individual artist events
  • Group performance events
  • Events showcasing collections of individual performers
  • Lecture demonstrations leading up to short performances
  • Events featuring large-scale temporary installations by a number of artists
Roles and Participants

All shows are currently managed by QBOX staff, though we are developing relationships with a variety of curators and organizations to expand the breadth and reach of our programs.


This performance series impacts the participating artists by providing them with a forum for their art and their ideas, and creating significant revenue opportunities for them. These performances will also increase the diversity, the quality, and the amount of art available to the residents of the Bay Area.

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