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We Are building a garden out of a toxic waste site!

WE think it's a good idea. . .
Come see what it might look like.

Email Jennalex for more details.

We operate to extoll the virtues of technology that doubles as art that doubles as technology (and sometimes the other way around)
  • QBOX Presents
    Goodness, it all happens at once, doesn't it?

    Qbox is proud to present The Flaming Lotus Girls. The Flaming Lotus Girls are being facilitated by Qbox for their FABULOUS PROJECT that will be out in the desert for Burning Man 2008!

    The Flaming Lotus Girls exist under the facilitation of Qbox to promote metalworking, tool handling skills, art envisionment and project completion for women and men of all abilities and artistic inclinations.

    The end result of their main annual project is a large-scale fire art piece to be installed in the Black Rock desert of Nevada during the Burning Man Festival. These pieces are the result of collaboration, cooperative planning, and in-depth learning process on the part of the members of The Flaming Lotus Girls (who, incidentally, can also be male).

    Flaming Lotus works out of the Qbox Box Shop in Hunter's Point, San Francisco.

  • QBOX Projects
    Garden!     Hurrah for Sculpture Gardens! Email Jennalex for more details.
    Classes     Welding classes and metalworking can be arranged by appointment. If you have a large group that would like to learn to weld, contact Simone
    Studios     The Box Shop has table space, shop space, storage space, and studio space, all in one happy location!
    Email Charlie for details, or call (415) 359-5084.
    Shop     Our shop is equipped with a variety of welders, metal benders, areas to hoist your heavy sculpture, comfy counches for taking a break, and all the electricity you could want (within reason),
    See Charlie The Shop Steward for details.


Power Tool Drag Race T-Shirts Now Available for Glorious Consumption!
Our Brand Spanking New T-shirt was designed by The Reverend Dr. Howland Owll HIMSELF, who deigned to spread his artistic prowess beyond the realm of Announcer of Power Tool Drag Racing.

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Mission Statement
QBOX supports the creation, presentation, discussion and preservation of mechanical, kinetic and electronic art in the Bay Area. We provide emerging and established artists with a much-needed local forum for their ideas and their art. Our programs help subsidize the creation of local art by sharing a substantial portion of our proceeds with the artists whose work we present. We create an artistic environment that encourages cross-cultural, cross-generational, collaborative interaction between art organizations, artists and audience members alike.
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